Tom Joules Visit

We have had Tom Joules visiting the school today, he held and assembly to tell his story from market stall to a turnover of 150 million, then held a dragons den where all of the children pitched for extra funding for their Children in need business enterprise. The children also entered a ‘design a designer t shirt’ competition and 4 lucky winners were chosen by Tom to win a Joules T-Shirt. They were Ellie, Ronnie, Kingston and Rowenna.


FS2 – winners of £10 funding – The Elmer range of products: A really clever product that promotes happiness and makes you smile. Also excellent brand extension from welly clips to pen holders. A real Joules type business.

Y1 – winners of £10 funding – Pebble man: A great use of a natural resource, fun, quirky and make you smile just looking at them.

Y2- 2 good 2 eat sweet shop – Organised, enthusiastic and a passion for their product.

Y3 – Christmas decorations and gift boxes: Lots of well thought out ideas, a real array of products.

Y4 – Gift Tags and Clay ornaments: A confident and enthusiastic pitch. The product was well designed and showed a real insight into the Christmas market.

Y5 – Beaded crafts and 3D cards: The products were high quality and could be sold in high street stores, the 3D cards were unique and would appeal to a discerning market.

Y6 – Paper gift bags: An original and well thought out product, expertly pitched. The business deployed the right people to do the right things which is key to success.

Nurture Group – Affordable gifts: True value, you get a lot for your money and a great team behind it.


Tom praised all of the children he met and the school as a whole for the positivity and well behaved and good mannered children encountered.