Our Philosophy of Assessment

Assessment is an important part of reflecting on, reviewing and assessing how well pupils are doing at Eyres Monsell Primary School. We use different types of assessments to ensure we know really well, how well our children are doing including marking and feedback, reflection, informal tests such as spellings and times tables to more formal testing such as SATS.

Assessment should have a purpose at every level for everyone involved:

Pupils should be given appropriate feedback on their learning from the formative assessments carried out by class teachers.

Class teachers should be able to use formative assessment to support planning and implementation of a curriculum designed to meet the needs of learners. Teachers and school leaders should be able to use assessment to help ensure that the pupils who need specified intervention are quickly identified, appropriately supported and monitored so that all can fully achieve their potential and no one is left to struggle behind.

School Leaders should be able to use summative assessment as a tool for monitoring the progress and attainment pupils make, to ensure the school is helping pupils achieve their potential.

Parents should be able to get a clear and accurate sense of their child’s achievement and progress as well as areas where they can support development.

Governors should be able to use data to ensure the school is supporting pupils learning effectively.

Below you will find links to two documents, that will explain in more detail how we use assessment across the school to help us plan for our pupils needs and assess where they are at with their learning.

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