The teaching of English encompasses reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, drama, speaking and listening. English is taught daily. We use Letters and Sounds and Read Write Inc to teach phonics and early reading skills using the scheme called KTC. 

In Year R and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught as a whole class for 20 minutes each day. We use a range of reading schemes e.g. Oxford Reading Tree etc to provide the core of the school reading scheme, however this is supplemented by a wide range of other fiction and non-fiction books. There are guided reading sessions in each class through the week which are carefully planned to help the children develop their comprehension and understanding of fiction and non-fiction texts. Theatre groups visit the school each year so that the children will have the opportunity to enjoy live performances. Through concerts, musical productions and class assemblies all children are involved in performing to audiences. 

Knowledge Transfer Centre

Linked with the Knowledge Transfer Centre, Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two teachers have been trained on teaching shared and guided reading that encourages children to use a range of reading strategies and answer questions about the text.  Children in Foundation Stage 1 access stories through continuous provision and when a book is shared and are exposed to reading in their environment.  Children in Foundation Stage 2 and Year One have guided reading sessions twice a week and regular shared reading sessions. 

Children in Year 2 upwards read at least once a week in a guided reading group with an adult where they have the opportunity to read and discuss a book, short story or non-fiction text alongside other children and their teacher. Key Stage Two pupils develop comprehension and inference skills, through the guided reading sessions. 

Some children who need additional support with their reading, may access additional provision such as Better Reading Partners, Read Write Inc< Reading Miles and additional guided reading sessions. 

Phonics at Eyres Monsell Primary School 

All children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have daily phonics sessions.   Phonics is a crucial part of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One as it gives children confidence and helps them become independent readers and writers. Eyres Monsell Primary School is a Core school for the Knowledge Transfer Centre scheme for Phonics and Reading.  This is a project for phonics and reading based on Letters and Sounds developed by Literacy Consultant Ann Smallberger.  Children also learn to read and spell tricky words; words which don’t rely on phonics. Children at Eyres Monsell Primary School are excited to read and write new words and sentences and enjoy having these challenges. 

  • Phase 1 focuses on everyday sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and orally segmenting and blending.
  • Phase 2 focuses on learning all single sounds and how to read and write them in words.
  • Phase 3 focuses on learning simple digraph and trigraph sounds and applying these to words and sentences (for example, ighooear and er)
  • Phase 4 focuses on learning adjacent consonants in words (for example, flpr,cr and st)
  • Phase 5 focuses on learning alternative digraph and trigraph sounds and applying these to words and sentences (for example, iephoe and ai

Children in Year 2 start in September by recapping phase 5 of phonics before moving on spelling rules and patterns.


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